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Once upon a time, not to long ago I used to collect juicy charms, and spent a lot of money doing it, into my Compulsive obsession to get every charm juicy ever made, I awoke from the Trace and suddenly their king crown of *** was revealed to me, you know women most of you all asked yourself the question "how come they dont have a bible charm, or a cross, but they have an Egyptian god, and head, and so on, and other false gods and idols in gold and silver, and the "Statue of Liberty" when you have time please search what the real true meaning of what Statue of Liberty means to the people who made her. God sent The Holy Spirit to open my eyes to see the truth,listen people to what Im about to tell you, juicy couture mocks our Lord and Savior,and they "PROCTOR AND GAMBLE" look em up google it!!

They think its so funny that they have deceived so many innocent young women to wear their clothing, when they serve satan. Please ladies dont wear or buy this stuff, everything to their saying "choose juicy" and their logo coat of arms says volumes about what they are about, many of people have believe the "black dog" is a terrible omen, its safe to say in the same for many people believe a four leave clover is lucky. well Im not Superstitious, or believe in any of these things, anyways you know what im saying is regareless if I believe them or not we know in the world we live in there are many signs and heeds of warnings and symbols we all Recognize as one. Ok back to the black dog, to many cultures, it means something bad is about to happen, like if a black cat crosses your path, only a " black dog " in this case Specifically means that terrible thing is "death" to die a horrible death, and this logo isn't just a ordinary black dog, its a "Scottish black dog" with red glowing eyes hmm Yeah I remember that Charm Specifically, their omen meaning to die a inaugural death, on a dunghill!!

I'm not kidding you " google it!! I'm not telling you all this in vain. Im informing you because God loves you so much that he sent his only Son into the world to save us from our sin. Jesus died for each and everyone of us.

It wasn't the nails on the cross that kept him there it was his amazing love for us.

I love you and thank you for reading this. pray for your enemies.

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I would be willing to bet not as many women as you think have wondered why Juicy Couture doesn't have religious charms. Who in heck cares.

I used to think like you do, but that was when I was young and ***. There used to be all kinds of rumors about different things being sinful, basically pertaining to cults. Proctor and Gamble was one of them, there was something about things in the shape of a Pentagon, I just can't remember all of it, that was more than 40 years ago. There was something called "backward masking" that if you played a record(you are probably too young to know what a record is) backwards it had secret messages that was supposed to brainwash you into joining some cult.

Yes, if you had a record on a turn table and turned it backwards by hand you could hear something but on the many albums I had it wasn't anything understandable. I would be willing to bet there aren't many people interested in your mumble jumble.

to anonymous #766282

Fyi, I know what a record is, and what does it matter anyway, and really now I thought this was a place for "pissed off consumers" Im on your side, so try not to be such a ***, just because you think what Im speaking about is not important to you, than why did you even read it, a reaction out of juicy or comment would be fine, not you, so you already know what Im *** about , yeah good for you consider yourself lucky, many others are still in the dark.


Proc& Gamble *** heads why would you pick the loser side? Don't you know how it ends!

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